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Let’s Some Artisan commands

  1. php artisan controller:make ControllerName – this code will generate boilerplate code for a controller
  2. php artisan list – this command will list available artisan commands
  3. php artisan routes – this command will list all the registered routes
  4. php artisan down – this command will activate the maintenance mode and your website/application will display a custom message and deny access to other
  5. php artisan up – this command will disable the maintenance mode of your website/application
  6. php artisan test – this command will run PHPUnit tests
  7. php artisan migrate – this command runs the database’s migrations
  8. php artisan view: publish – this command publishes a package’s views to the application
  9. php artisan db:seed – this command seeds records to the database
  10. php artisan config:publish – this command publishes a package’s configuration to the application